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A raft of services to meet all consumer needs

We give customers the opportunity to select the best solution for every consumer need from all the services available. We support every customer from the very beginning thanks to our expert energy market advisors with whom customers can always liaise directly. In addition, all data can be accessed and used simply through the tools in the Dedicated Customer Area.

Dedicated Key Account Manager

An advisor who is always at hand

The dedicated Account Manager is a special partner. He/she helps to see things more clearly in a fluctuating and complex market and enables the right decisions to be made.

His/her support is useful for:

  • defining and identifying the energy needs of a business
  • controlling budget forecasts for energy expenditure
  • actively anticipating market opportunities
  • concluding the most suitable contract for individual needs



Dedicated Customer Area

On our website we reserve a private dedicated section for our customers to access their contract details. The Dedicated Customer Area contains all the details about gas consumption and the administrative documents (ie. Invoices) about the past 36 months can be viewed and printed out.

The portal, which is kept constantly up to date, allows to monitor movements in commodity prices, indexes and exchange rates and follow-up in real time news about energy markets.


Switch Online

Switch Online is one of the functionalities active in the Dedicated Customer Area that allows customers according his contractual modalities to switch price indexation independently.

Every day the customer can view, through an intuitive graphic interface, the breakdown between quantities already covered by a price switch and those that are potentially switchable and the quotations for a price switch for each contractual period. The customer is also able to choose and to switch to the proposed prices, transparently and swiftly from its own PC.

A detailed reporting functionality keeps track of all price switch operations.

Weekly Newsletter

A weekly report, produced by our analysts, with comments on movements in the main energy commodities, kept constantly up to date on the market trends affecting the supply cost.

REMIT Reporting

We offer those customers, who are required to report contractual details to the Agency for the cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER), the option to have the REMIT report prepared and sent on their behalf.