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Natural Gas: a comprehensive and tailor-made offer for Large Customers

Since the cost of gas is one of the main items in the income statement, we offer the opportunity to manage it in the best way through a broad range of customized contractual solutions. In addition, we offer the option to exploit energy market volatility through the contractual price switch options, providing up to date reports on energy market movements.

Customized supply

Our customers have the option to choose, among a wide range, the contractual scheme that best suits their own withdrawal requirements.

Fixed or index-linked price

We provide an option to receive the most suitable offer for individual energy needs, with a price index-linked to the main European HUBS or fixed throughout the period of the contract.

Price switch options

We offer our customers several schemes for managing and changing price indexation of their supply costs: the option to have a price fully negotiated between the parties, a price that, through transparent algorithms, is linked to external provider prices and, finally, the opportunity to receive in real time from our traders a price linked to market trends.